Phoebe Witmer (she/her) is a photographer currently based in Philadelphia, PA. She is a graduate of Tyler School of Art + Architecture where she received her BFA in Photography in 2020. Her work explores interchanging gender roles in contemporary society and how we can work to break down norms and stereotypes from a female perspective. Her work has been exhibited both locally and globally. In 2018 she spent a semester in Rome, Italy where her work was featured in the Tiny Biennale at the Temple Rome Gallery of Art. In 2019, Phoebe exhibited the photographs she made overseas in her first solo show held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


My work functions as a look into the life of a female who has lived 23 years in a gendered body in order to subvert stereotypes and represent today's shift in mindset on gender and sexuality. I photograph people because I love being able to portray individuality and how it manifests into our appearance during different periods of our lives. I have been interested in exploring boudoir in order to encourage others to express their sexuality & realize their self worth outside of the ideals that society has pushed on us throughout life. 


I have found that working in miniature scale is a critical part of my practice as I am able to render spaces that I would otherwise not be able to construct life size. 

My most recent project, Threshold, represents the contemporary outlook on domesticity and motherhood while implementing interior design as a key component of the home. In this piece I am denying the historical identity of the housewife and exploring the interchanging gender roles of today. The home becomes an extension of self as it combines my experiences as a female and my aesthetic choices.